Long term rental

Labelvoiture LLD offers a range of services designed to help you manage your fleet in peace.
Become preferred partner for many famous companies both regional and national car develops Label increasingly consulting service can optimize your fleet.

Car rental long term has various advantages:
Accounting and financial benefits.
  • No capital commitment.
  • Recoverable VAT taxpayers.
  • Rents deductible expenses.
  • Budgeting easier.
the management of Advantages Labelvoiture LLD.
  • Fleet management simplified.
  • A single source.
  • Vehicle in perfect condition.
  • Flexibility of the formula (brand, term, mileage etc ....)
Labelvoiture happy to answer your questions and offer you designs for long-term rental customized.
Please contact us, our advisor will quickly establish the supply of long-term lease with attractive models, attractive conditions and expert advice.