All started in 2007 at the first Auto Show Leisure held in Casablanca.This event, especially dedicated to urban SUVs and other sports and leisure vehicles allowed me to perform my first test of driving on rough terrain in the company of pilots seasoned veterans from the Old Continent. I was so passionate not only for the rental of 4 × 4, but also for the rental of cars of all labels .LabelCars offers interesting rental conditions: a wide choice of new cars, a low price and a service of total quality.

The Director

Zine Elabidine Elanya

Zine Elabidine Elanya Founder Manager

Welcome to LabelCars, specialist in car rental in Morocco. With more than 13 years of experience, we are proud to have your confidence in renting your vehicles by the day, the week or the month.
Mounia Naoumy

Mounia Naoumy sales manager

LabelCars offers you an incomparable quality of service. Need to rent a car regularly? Take advantage of the permanent discounts to go to new horizons to discover hidden gems accessible only by car.
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