Rental of 4×4 with driver in Marrakech, excursion from Marrakech, Fes, or Ouarzazate to explore the desert of Morocco.

Toyota Prado 4×4 automatic

Start from 120.00€ / per day
4x4 rental Toyota Land Cruiser Prado: Its ability to adapt to all the road is exceptional, it can easily adapt to the most difficult tracks, while offering the most absolute comfort of a ...
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Rent Dacia Duster 4WD with driver – 4 pax

Start from 80.00€ / per day
4x4 rental Dacia Duster 4wd with driver, economical 4x4 for 2 to 4 people with ...
2019 Diesel Manuelle 40000 Rent It

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado rental with driver – 6 pax

Start from 150.00€ / per day
The rental of 4x4 with driver is the ideal solution for a trip to the Moroccan desert or a hike on track in complete safety and comfort. Trust LabelVoiture to ride in 4x4 equipped and
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Mitsubishi Pajero Sport rental with driver

Start from 140.00€ / per day
4x4 rental with driver Mitsubishi Pajero with LabelVoiture. Whether you explore rugged terrain in nature or admire the streets of the city, you will always travel first ...
2019 Diesel Manuelle 40000 Rent It

Rent Range Rover Sport with driver – 4 pax

Start from 350.00€ / per day
Prestige 4x4 rental with driver: The Range Rover Sport provides unparalleled comfort for the driver and passengers. Designed with the utmost care, the contemporary interior has front seats offering better ...
2019 Diesel Automatic 40000 Rent It
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