The old Mogador, a port city full of history Essaouira Day Trip

186 km from Marrakech, this small fishing port is an old fortified city along the ocean.

The tranquility of the city and its particular climate make it a favorite spot for surfers from all over the world. The city will be called Essaouira which means “well drawn”.

Between Marrakesh and Essaouira, the landscapes vary at high speed, sometimes green plains or red deserts, trees, clots, sand, crops, small typical towns or mud of isolated shepherds in the middle of nowhere. You will have the chance to see the goats perched on the argan trees, trees giving the nuts will be used to make the famous Argan oil used both in cooking and for cosmetics.

You can also enjoy fish caught that morning, shop among the craftsmen working the thuyas magnifying glass and skin or enjoy the surf beaches (it comes from around the world) and the seaside resort.

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Return at 19:00


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