know the terms and conditions of car rental in Morocco before renting a car in Marrakech at LabelVoiture. ensure better coverage and guarantees.

The driver :

For any car rental, the driver designated in the contract must be over 21 years old. He must also have held a valid driving license for at least one year. This must be justified by original documents. If a second driver is requested. He must be present at the time of departure and present the original of his driving license and an identity card or passport. Only drivers identified on the rental agreement are allowed to drive the rented vehicle.

Required documents:

  • Driver’s license :
    A driving license of at least 2 years without major infractions. Holders of a British driving license must present the card with photograph.
  • Pieces of identity:
    Valid ID (passport or ID card).If your ID does not include or match your current address, you will also need to submit a separate address credential

Security and Credit Card Information :

ACCEPTED: Eurocard, Maestro, MasterCard, Visa, Debit Card.
A deposit of a minimum amount of EUR 1000 and a maximum of EUR 3000 will be blocked on your account for the duration of the rental. This deposit is a guarantee in case of damage or theft of the vehicle. This amount will be automatically canceled in the absence of theft or loss during the rental period. Please note that this is not equivalent to the total amount of the deductible liability shown in the Insurance section.
For the deposit, credit cards must be in the first and last name of the main driver.

Location duration:

The car rental is granted for the duration determined in the contract except conventional extension granted by the renter. In the absence of restitution, at the agreed expiry date, this one reserves the right to take back the vehicle wherever it is, at the expenses of the tenant.

Delivery / recovery:

LabelVoiture gives you the choice of where you want to pick up or return the vehicle (airport, hotel, riad, train stations … etc.) subject to prior agreement.

State of the vehicle:

A descriptive statement of the vehicle is attached to your contract. You agree to enter in writing, before leaving the station, any apparent defect that does not appear there. Otherwise, we are deemed to have issued a vehicle conforming to the description. You must return the vehicle in the condition where you received it. Any costs of restoration, consecutive to a fault of the tenant or in the absence of fault of an identified third, will come in overcharging of the cost of the hiring, subject to stipulations of the section “optional contractual guarantees”

Fuel :

The fuel is the responsibility of the tenant. The car will be delivered with a level of fuel and made with the same level, the fuel left to the tank will not be refunded.

Payment / Guarantee:

Payment can be made locally in cash (euro or MAD), by credit card (please note that payment by credit card entails an additional commission of 4%), by secure online payment or by Swift transfer, Our rates include Unlimited mileage, lubricants and vehicle maintenance, delivery / recovery of the vehicle.
Our rates are expressed in Euros.
The deposit is mandatory by pre-authorization on the credit card (the amount will be fixed according to the category of the car rented or desired) and will be canceled upon return of the car.


Vehicles are fully insured (tires are not included). However, for any damage other than the theft of the vehicle, fire, broken glass, civil liability and persons transported (PAI), a capped non-redeemable excess remains the responsibility of the driver in the event that his partial or entire liability is incurred. For any accident, the damage of the vehicle is covered only on production of an accident report within 24 hours.
The use of vehicles on unpaved roads (track) is prohibited except for 4×4 vehicles.
The driver is solely responsible for traffic offenses and contraventions.
In case of mechanical failure not caused by the customer, the replacement car is provided by our agency!
In the event of a responsible accident, the replacement car will be charged to the customer with delivery charges!
In the event of a responsible accident, the transport of the damaged car by the tow truck is on the customer’s charge!

It is strictly forbidden to drive our vehicles in the coast, seaside, and rivers, if any and in case of breakdown and / or drowning or other damage caused to the vehicle, the tenant will be obliged to pay the full amount of repair without any cap and the amount could reach the purchase amount of the vehicle. In these cases, the deductible will not apply.

Protection complements:

In order to protect you against the inconveniences related to the damages, LabelVoiture proposes you the supplements of protection CDW (Franchise in case of damages).

Partial Abolition of Damage Franchises:

Partial Damage Cancellation is an optional guarantee that allows you to reduce the amount of the deductible partially, except in case of theft, attempted theft or vandalism. The amount of the Damages deductible will be reduced by half. This warranty is applicable if the vehicle is used in accordance with the terms and conditions of the rental agreement.

Total Removal Of Damages Franchises:

The Total Damage Waiver is an optional guarantee that allows you to reduce the amount of the deductible completely, except in case of theft, attempted theft or vandalism. This warranty is applicable if the vehicle is used in accordance with the terms and conditions of the rental agreement.
The conditions and limitations of compulsory or optional insurance, contractual guarantees, as well as those of the assistance contract are made available to you in our agency.

In the event of a total cancellation of the excess, an incompressible deposit is however required to guarantee the loss of vehicle papers, the loss of keys, the additional day expenses or other expenses not covered by the insurance Total Cancellation of Damage Franchises.

Refund :

The amount of the rental is payable in advance for the entire rental period, and will not be refunded in case of reduction of the rental period. As for deposit for reservation it is refundable if the cancellation is made minimum 30 days before the start date of rental and refund costs will be borne by the customer.

Attribution of jurisdiction :

By express agreement the court in whose jurisdiction is located the registered office of the lessor shall have sole jurisdiction to hear any dispute relating to this contract. The lessor may however waive the benefit of this clause of jurisdiction and bring the rods before all the competent courts.

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